Oct 23, 2019 17:07 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Aug 10, 2020 13:37 Asia/Tehran]

Iran's Wushu national team in Sanda discipline with 8 practitioners achieved 8 gold medals and crowned world championship while recorded the best results for Iran in the history of the world competition.

Iran Press/Asia: The 15th round of Wushu World Championships for adults began on Sunday with representatives from 102 countries in Shanghai, China, and ended on Wednesday.

At the end of the competitions, the Iranian team defeating China as the host won the second consecutive round in the Sanda section (men and women), Iran Press reported.

Iran had dispatched eight athletes, including five men and three women, to the Sanda competitions and all of them managed to earn the gold medals of their weight categories, bringing home the world title from the birthplace of wushu, China.

China came in second with 6 gold, 1 silver, and one bronze medal, and Vietnam came in third with 1 gold, 2 silver, and 2 bronze.

In all, Sanda and Talou section Iran Wushu team won 9 gold, two silver, and one bronze medal, respectively.

This is the best result in the history of Iran's Wushu national team competition.

China came in first with 14 gold, one silver, and one bronze, and Hong Kong came in third with five gold, four silver, and one bronze.


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