Rome (IP) - Senegalese community in Italy condemns police violence against a Senegalese peddler by holding a protest rally in downtown Florence.

Iran PressEurope: Last week, following the release of a video of Italian police mistreating a Senegalese national in Florence, the Senegal government, through its ambassador to Rome, formally protested the move, accusing it of inhumane and racist behavior.

In a short video posted on social media in Italy, a police officer on a street in Florence wraps his arm tightly around a young man's neck and ignores his screams that he is suffocating.

The pressure on the black man's neck was so great that two Italian citizens filming the scene with their phones shouted: "Let him go ... do not suffocate him." Some tourists are also heard urging the police to abandon the Senegalese peddler.

The video of the arrest of the 25-year-old Senegalese peddler in Florence, which is exactly reminiscent of the story of George Floyd in Minneapolis, sparked a wave of outrage on social media and led to international controversy.

Meanwhile, two passers-by who filmed the incident have filed a lawsuit against the police in Florence.

Hundreds of Italians living in Florence protested on Saturday evening in protest of racism and police violence.


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