Tehran (IP) - Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman, Nasser Kanani, announced Monday in his weekly press conference that "Americans want an agreement with Iran but are unwilling to pay for it."

Iran PressIran News: In reaction to the new US sanctions against Iran and Washington's support for riots in Iran, Nasser Kanani, Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman, said that "behavior of the Americans is very hypocritical. They are both 'hypocrites and liars"

"America has repeatedly sent messages through various channels that they are ready to return to negotiations, but Iran's response is clear, "Speaking at the news conference on Monday, the MFA spokesman said:

Kanaani added: "Sometimes they say it is impossible to return to the agreement. If there is no such possibility, why do you send a message through intermediaries that you are ready to resume negotiations?

"They both want to return to the agreement and not pay the price of the agreement," an MFA spokesman said.

"Their action in directly supporting the riots inside Iran is a repetition of the wrong policy that they have followed for years but have not achieved results," the senior Iranian diplomat said.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said that Tehran’s demands in the talks on the removal of the sanctions are reasonable, clear, and legal.

Criticizing the British government's non-constructive approach toward Iran's internal developments, the Iranian top diplomat said that Iran will take proportionate countermeasures in response to non-constructive actions.

Western countries' behavior of supporting chaos and insecurity and instability in countries is an illegal behavior, he also noted.

Regarding the sanctions imposed by the European Union over the alleged sending of drones into the Ukraine war, Kanani said, "We will definitely take reciprocal and proportional action in the coming days."

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"Even now, they are one side of the unrests in Iran. They supported it, and the sanctions are a repetition of their mistakes, and they should explain this duality to the public opinion," Kanaani underscored.

"They cannot force Iran with sanctions," he highlighted.

Iran's role in the Ukraine war, futile and propaganda

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman rejected accusations against Tehran for military support to Russia in the Ukraine war as' useless' media propaganda.

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Kanaani rejected the claim made by the US against Iran for providing Russia with drones as 'propaganda and futile accusation' addressed the US and said: "Exporting billions of dollars of weapons to one side of the war, is it to end the war?

"US behavior is suportng one side of the war. We reject and do not accept the fruitless accusations against Iran and."

Relation with Iran, an advantage for the EU in an energy crisis

"The relationship with Iran is an opportunity for Europe, especially Europe, which is struck by the energy crisis and economic demands of its people," Kanaani reacted to the German government's restraint in the visa issue for invited Iranian companies in Germany Plastic Expo.

"They can behave constructively and use the opportunities for commercial and industrial cooperation with Iran. They can tie the interests of their people with fruitless political issues, Iran MFA spokesman stressed, adding, "They sanctioned Iran for years; what the result for Europe is? What benefits have European governments received from the embargo?

Kanaani said: "These political behaviors are the continuation of the fruitless and wrong behaviors of the past. Our advice to them is to adopt constructive behavior and relations with the people and government of Iran."

The next round of Tehran, Riyadh talks is possible

Considering the positive nature of the negotiations between Iran and Saudi Arabia, it is possible for both sides to enter the next round of negotiations, the Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Monday.

Kanaani added: "The perevious rounds of negotiations took place in a positive atmosphere between the two countries, and fortunately, the ground is ready to for next round of political talks between the officials of the two countries."

"With the implementation of the agreements as a result of the last five rounds of negotiations, we believe that it is possible for the two countries to enter a better and more constructive stage," Kanaani said, speaking at his weekly presser in Tehran.

Out of diplomatic etiquette of some western embassies

Regarding the involvement of some embassies in the recent riots in Iran, including the role of the German embassy, Kanaani said: "Some foreign embassies in Tehran acted out of their diplomatic etiquette during the recent riots in Iran. Some ambassadors were summoned, and the necessary warnings were given."


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