Feb 22, 2020 02:39 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Feb 22, 2020 02:39 Asia/Tehran]
  • US welcomes FATF's call to place Iran on blacklist

The US Department of State welcomed the Financial Action Task Force (FATF)’s call to place Iran on its blacklist on Friday.

Iran Press/America: US State Department Spokesperson Morgan Ortagus said the Paris-based FATF’s decision was "the right call."

"The Financial Action Task Force made the right call to protect the international financial system from Iran’s lax financial controls by calling on members to re-impose countermeasures," Ortagus tweeted.

Ortagus claimed the Special Task Force on Financial Action made the call in order to "safeguard the international economic system" against what he called "Iran's negligent economic measures."

The decision by the FATF came after a week-long plenary session in Paris.