Jan 12, 2020 04:58 Asia/Tehran [Updated: Jan 13, 2020 00:33 Asia/Tehran]
  • US President Donald Trump
    US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump who brags for clamping harshest ever economic sanctions against Iranians resorted to tweeting in the Persian language on Saturday to express support to the same people he has driven to a medical and trade predicament.

Iran Press/America: "To the brave and suffering Iranian people: I have stood with you since the beginning of my presidency and my government will continue to stand with you," Trump's said failing to address the fact that Iranians are suffering from medicine shortage and access to international markets because of his unilateral US sanctions.

Trump unilaterally withdrew from the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran and world powers and re-imposed sanctions to force Iran back to the negotiations table at which he could secure extra obligations.

Iran has slammed US sanctions directed at its oil industry, peaceful nuclear program and defensive missile capability as economic terrorism saying they have deliberately targeted ordinary people and negatively affecting their health and businesses.

Fishing in troubled waters, Trump sent the message of support apparently after hearing reports that candle vigils were held in sections of the country by university students to commemorate victims of a fatal air crash. 

Participants in the vigils reacted to the events that led to the mistaken shooting down of an airliner on Wednesday which killed all the passengers aboard.

"We are following your protests closely. Your courage is inspiring," he added in a blatant act of interference in domestic affairs of sovereign countries only less than a day after the announcement of a new round of sanctions on Iranian individuals and companies.

The Ukrainian plane crashed near Tehran minutes after the take-off from Imam Khomeini Airport on Wednesday as it turned out that it was unintentionally downed by air defense batteries on a tense military day Iran pounded US bases in Iraq.

Iran has acknowledged the airliner was shot down unwantedly and promised a full investigation to the probe on the incident.

However, apparently not satisfied over his Persian message, Trump reached again to his mobile phone to tweet the same drummed-up rhetoric this time in English.

The US president is in trouble at home over the government's unjustified, changing and contradictory narratives on the assassination of Iranian top counter-terrorism commander Lt. General Qasem Soleymani in Baghdad claiming that he was an imminent threat.

Iran retaliated by hitting US bases in Iraq firing a barrage of missiles on the same day the air crash incident happened.

Republican Trump is also at loggerheads with the democratic-majority House of Representatives which has approved to send his two impeachment articles to the Senate over alleged breach of law inciting Ukrainian president against his presidential elections rival Joe Biden.



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