Iran wins six medals at Karate world league

Iranian Karatekas won two gold, two silver and two bronze medals at Karate 1-Premier world league in Salzburg, Austria.

Iran Press/Iran News: With grabbing six medals in Karate 1-Premier world league in Salzburg, Iranian Karatekas could finished their work successfully.

The contests kicked off on Friday as some 2,075 champions from 99 countries worldwide contested in the city of Salzburg of Austria and concluded Sunday, Iran Press reported.

In -75 kg category, Bahman Asgari overcame his Ukrainian rival and grabbed bronze medal on Sunday.

In -84 kg category, Zabihollah Poursheib defeated his Hungarian counterpart and bagged another bronze for the Iranian squad.

The qualified champions are to attend Tokyo Olympic 2020. 101/201/213

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