US occupation forces, in cooperation with SDF militants, on Wednesday sent a convoy of 42 tankers loaded with hundreds of tons of looted Syrian oil from the Al-Jazira region toward US bases in Iraq.

Iran PressMiddle East: The oil-plundering transfer operation was conducted through the illegal crossing of Al-Muhamadiya.

The sources noted that the occupation's oil plundering operations have intensified over the past weeks through cooperation with the SDF forces: whereby sizeable amounts of Syrian oil have been intermittently and swiftly delivered to occupation bases in Iraq.

In late March, US occupation forces plundered Syrian oil, with witnesses reporting they saw 80 tanks being transported out of Syria's al-Jazeera fields to US bases in Iraq. On April 11, US occupation forces were seen escorting 32 trucks filled with Syrian oil to Iraq.

Back in January, Sana reported that a convoy of 24 trucks was transferring looted oil and wheat from Al-Jazira through the Al-Walid border crossing to the bases in Iraq

Besides being an occupation that backs armed groups for its own operations and agenda in the region, the US occupation forces continue to steal Syrian oil by smuggling it from their bases in Syria to those in Iraq.

Convoys of tens of vehicles, including tankers loaded with stolen oil from oil fields occupied by US forces in Syria, are frequently seen crossing toward northern Iraq, in addition to trucks loaded with military equipment.


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