Tehran( IP) - The Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, in the open session of the parliament on Tuesday, said that "New plans by the Ministry led to cutting drug smuggling, while medical equipment supplier has been taken into consideration."

Iran PressIran News: After the report of Health and Treatment Commission  Bahram Eynollahi said: the representatives in the 1401 budget gave the authority to implement the drug plan to the Ministry of Health and with the support of parliamentarians in the budget of 1401, the Ministry of Health was authorized to implement the pharmaceutical plan; In which , foreign exchange policies in the supply of medicine, essentials and medical equipment has been taken into consideration. 

Based on this, the Ministry of Health issued a plan for currency reforms in the supply of medicine and medical equipment, which has been implemented for 4 months, he added.

Pointing out that the allocation of preferential currency to drug manufacturers was one of the important problems, Eynollahi emphasized: sometimes the invoices were not real and some manufacturers received more preferential currency than they needed.

He considered the prevention of drug smuggling by implementing the drug project as one of the other goals of this plan and stated: In addition to domestic consumers, millions of people ouside of Iran are expected to use the country's drugs in the form of smuggling, which was also prevented.

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The Minister of Health pointed out that this  plan was the result of cooperation between all institutions. Drug production and supply is an inter-organizational process and success is achieved if all organizations are coordinated; In this regard, the Ministry of Health is the policy maker, planner and operator.

Referring to the establishment of a special pharmaceutical measures center by the Ministry of Health,Eynollahi said: We invited the Program and Budget Organization, the Central Bank, insurers and regulatory institutions and established the partnership among all of them.


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