Iran's Constitutional Council

Tehran (IP) - Iran's Constitutional Council spokesman says the latest sanctions imposed by Canada against Iran show the inefficiency of the Western sanction policy and their desperation in facing Iran.

Iran PressIran news: Hadi Tahan-Nazif wrote in a memo titled “Hollow Drum of Sanctions” that the lack of legitimacy in the international relations system has caused the emergence of unilateral sanction regimes by certain governments that challenge many accepted norms.

Even though a government cannot pursue imposing unilateral sanctions on another government at the international level, the Canadian government imposed some sanctions on Iranian individuals and entities based on its own internal laws, which target even Iran's Constitutional Council and a number of its members.

The Iranian official pointed out that the recent sanctions show that the Canadian government not only supports the unrest in Iran but also intervenes in Iranian internal affairs.

He added that such measures could be reacted by filing lawsuits at the United Nations and other international communities as part of Tehran’s diplomatic reaction to the move.

Tahan-Nazif noted that the diplomatic response could end up in a legal effort at the ultra-national level to nullify the legal effects of the Canadian government's measure.

He argued that facts and figures on the ground show that the United States long-run sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran had borne no fruit for Washington; hence, the Canadian act would be fruitless.

The Iranian official underlined that since numerous entities and individuals of the Islamic establishment had been under US’s sanction regime, the new embargo merely implies an outdated policy.


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