Iraq (IP) - An Iraqi member of parliament calls to summon the US Ambassador to Baghdad in the wake of the American forces' shooting dead an Iraqi girl.

Iran PressMiddle East: Zeinab Issam, 15, was shot dead by the American troops on Tuesday while she was on his father's farm. 

Ahmad Taha al-Rabi'ee said that several days had passed from the US killing of a little Iraqi girl near the American Base Victoria. Still, the US Embassy had not yet officially apologized.

Al-Rabi'ee considered the indifference as a sign of the US downplay of the Iraqis' lives and disrespecting the country's sovereignty.

He called on the Iraqi government to proceed with the due legal measures to punish the perpetrators of the crime, summon the US envoy, and give him a note of protest.

Despite several rounds of talks between Baghdad and Washington and the ratification of a bill for ending the presence of the American troops in Iraq, the US has remained on Iraqi soil. 


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