Tehran (IP) - Kian drone, equipped with a microjet engine, is one of the native defense drones of Iran and has been made by specialists of the Air Defense Force.

Iran PressIran News: The features of the drone are as follows:


Kian 1 drone has been used as a flying target and a sensor of defense equipment, while Kian 2 is equipped with a system for receiving enemy radar waves and is a hunter of enemy's radar and electronic warfare centers.

The mission of the Kian 1 drone is to measure air defense equipment, use it as a flying target, and also can be used as a suicide attack UAV; it is made in small dimensions and equipped with a microjet engine.

Both Kian 1 and 2 drones use solid-fuel boosters to start the flight and reach the initial speed required to start the jet engine.

Kian 1



The Kian 1 drone, which was unveiled in January 2015, has been deployed with a mission to measure air defense equipment and a flying target with small dimensions and a microjet engine. This drone with a wingspan of 2 meters, the ability to carry a cargo of 30 kg with a flight ceiling of nearly 5,500 meters, a flight speed of 350 km per hour, and a maximum speed of 480 km per hour. Kian 1 was used as a basis for developing a new type of UAV with double size, which was named Kian 2.

Kian 2



Kian 2 was unveiled in September 2019. Kian is made for various missions; one of its missions is to destroy the intended targets in to-the-point and suicide missions.

It can destroy targets far beyond the country's borders with high flight continuity.

This drone is made with a wingspan of about 3.5 to 4 meters and a length of about 4.5 meters. Larger dimensions and thicker wings are suitable for flying at subsonic speeds and allow it to carry much more fuel. The operational range of this drone is more than 1,000 km.

It is also possible to install some kind of enemy radar wave reception system inside this drone, which can make it a suitable option for the anti-radar role. It uses two air inlets with an advanced design to match the fuselage and its sides. This drone is a Delta wing type that provides desirable flight characteristics for it at high speeds.


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