Tehran (IP)- "Today we have reached a point where, instead of imposing new restrictions, we have to plan and decide on lifting the restrictions, but we must be careful to follow the exact procedure," said the President, adding that the nationwide vaccination is approaching 70% target.

Iran PressIran news: Speaking on Saturday at the meeting of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus, Ebrahim Raisi said, "The key to eliminating the country's problems is having a  Jihadi and Basiji spirit that turned those hard days into bright days of victory."

"If the Jihadi spirit prevails, not only coronavirus but all hardships and problems will be overcome," he said.

Raisi also thanked the people involved in the Martyr Soleimani project and said, "We need to continue the plan swiftly because it has raised the country's health system from a reactive and passive position to an active position against the spread of disease."

Raisi stated, "The important point along with the expansion of vaccination is that the observance of health protocols does not decrease. "Emphasizing the need for strict control of the entry and exit of people from the country, the President said, "People who are suspected of being infected in these controls must be quarantined."

Raisi said that smart restrictions should replace the current restrictions and business closures and that this requires careful planning.

Welcoming the proposal to use artificial intelligence experts in completing the system, the President said, "Another important point is to prepare an information appendix about the efficiency of this system to ensure its performance at the same time as the test run and to answer concerns about its performance."

Raisi said, "The officials of the Information Committee of the National Task Force Against Coronavirus and all those who have a tribune should convince the society about the new conditions and their requirements and the need to follow the health protocols despite improving the situation and reducing the restrictions."

Raisi added, "For the success of this procedure, an instructive approach should be avoided and explanation and persuasion should be on the agenda to attract more cooperation from the people."

Raisi also referred to the measures taken to send Arba'een pilgrims in cooperation with the Iraqi government, saying, "Despite the great emphasis, some people have gone to the borders either because they did not know about the restrictions or for any other reason."