Tehran (IP) - Due to the growing importance of cruise missiles in the field of naval and ground combat, many states have focused on the design, construction, and use of these missiles.

Iran PressIran news: There are several reasons for this, the most important of which is the lower cost of their production process than the ballistic missiles. On the other hand, the superior components in the field of moving missiles and hitting the target.

The nature of cruise missiles

A cruise missile is a crewless aerial vehicle whose route can be changed and guided until its target.

Most cruise systems use a jet engine, while ballistic missiles use a rocket engine.

These missiles usually travel their entire route at very low altitudes and at near-constant or near-supersonic speeds due to not being detected by radars.

Cruise missiles are usually not as fast as ballistic ones, but they use the principle of concealment and surprise to hit the enemy most of the time.

Cruise missiles usually do not have a heavy warhead and only destroy a specific point due to their high accuracy. They are usually lighter and smaller than ballistic and can be fired from various land, air, sea, and underwater platforms.


Soumar cruise missile was unveiled in 2013.

"Soumar" cruise missile, while empowering Iran’s armed forces, can be an effective step to increase the defense and deterrence of the army.

Military analysts say the project is based on Russian Kh-55 cruise missile technology.

The Iranian Minister of Defense announced that the range of the Soumar ground cruise missile is 700 km.

Technical Specifications

Soumar is one of the most advanced cruise missiles made in Iran. The length is about 6 meters, and weighs 1,210 kilograms, and has a turbofan engine.

The small size and ability to move at low altitudes have made it very difficult for the enemy to identify.

This missile has the anti-radar capability.

It also has the ability to destroy a wide range of targets, and due to its high tactics, long duration on the battlefield, and radar evasion, it can destroy targets in any situation.

Some experts emphasize that the form and structure of this missile are similar to the Russian Kh-55 missile. However, it is better equipped in construction and engine than its Russian model.

Soumar missile is only similar to the Kha-55 and has a booster to fire from the sea or land.

Among the other advantages of the missile are the following:

The Somar rocket is fired from mobile ground launchers.

The small size of the launcher and its high mobility gives it the ability to launch anywhere.

Such launchers increase the system's survival and allow them to fire quickly and then leave the area at high speed.


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