Iran, Italy urge cementing artistic-cultural ties

Tehran (IP) - The Italian ambassador to Iran stressed the continuation of enhancing artistic, and cultural ties between the two countries.

Iran PressIran news: Italy's Ambassador to Iran Giuseppe Perrone, while emphasizing the cultural and artistic ties between the two countries, wrote: "The 7-episode weekly documentary series called 'Journey from Tehran to Rome' which is about the works and lives of artists with records in both countries, is an action to emphasize this type of communication."

The Italian ambassador to Tehran added: "This collection is about visual arts and 7 selected Iranian and Italian artists, painters, and sculptors who have Iranian and Italian backgrounds."

"We are planning to hold some very important exhibitions," Perrone said about the future plans of the Italian Embassy in Iran.

The seven-episode documentary 'From Tehran to Rome; A Journey through the Window of Art' is the latest activity of the Italian Embassy in Iran in the field of performing arts and about the life and times of Iranian and Italian artists who have studied, worked in either country.


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