َA 104-year-old Colombian grandmother has recovered from the coronavirus for the second time.

Iran Press/America: Carmen Hernandez, 104, was met with a standing ovation from health care workers as she was wheeled out of a Colombian hospital in Tunja, as she defeated COVID-19 for a second time. 

Hernandez was diagnosed with the coronavirus for the first time in June, then again on March 8 after being vaccinated, according to NBC News.

This time, she was in the hospital for 21 days before being discharged, according to WFLA.  

Hernandez isn't the only centenarian who has beat COVID-19.

In January Hilda Brown, a 109-year-old woman, recovered before her 110 birthday. And Anna Del Priore, 108, beat COVID-19 last year after surviving the Spanish flu a century earlier.