Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez condemned the hostile, aggressive actions by US President Donald Trump and the US Security Council against the Cuban government.

Iran PressAmerica: Bruno Rodriguez added that the actions of the US National Security Council, especially during Trump's presidency, have been a tool for aggression against Cuba.

Rodriguez made the remarks because of US support for the San Isidro group, which opposes the Cuban government.

Rodriguez had previously issued a statement accusing US Charge d'Affaires in Havana Timothy Zuñiga-Brown of overt and provocative interference in support of the San Isidro anti-government movement.

Fourteen members of the San Isidro movement in Cuba have demanded the release of a colleague who was arrested on November 9 and sentenced to eight months in prison for insulting Cuban officials.

White House officials have in recent years carried out various conspiracies to overthrow the legitimate and popular government of Cuba, all of which have failed.

The United States has also imposed unilateral sanctions on Cuba, which have been opposed by the United Nations and the international community. 219