Islamabad (IP) - The Pakistani Federal Minister for Energy says that there is a great opportunity to build up trade and development relations between the governments of Iran and Pakistan.

Iran PressAsia: Talking to Iranian media, Musadik Malik expressed his appreciation for the Iranian President's visit and said: " We are looking forward to finding different ways and different ways of expanding trade and commercial relations."

"Our teams are right now working together, we had a fantastic beginning today, our conversations are ongoing and various ministerial delegations are talking to each other and God willing will find ways to develop the entire region, create prosperity, establish peace, and move forward in a manner which creates prosperity for the people of Iran and Pakistan, " he went on.

Expressing his optimism about the results of the Iranian President's visit, Malik added: "We have discussed all matters, all of our conversations are ongoing and we are very hopeful that we will be able to find amicable solutions beneficial to all." 204

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