Rome (IP) - The Italian people took to the streets of Rome, the capital of Italy, in protest against the Israeli regime's crimes in the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian genocide.

Iran PressEurope: According to Iran Press, thousands of Italians in Rome on Saturday evening demanded an immediate stop to the massacre of innocent Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

Demonstrators chanted "Shame on FAO" while passing in front of the headquarters of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

The police forces, fearing that the angry demonstrators would pull down the flag of the Israeli regime, by taking strict security measures and placing a large car of the anti-riot unit in front of the Israeli flag in FAO, practically prevented the demonstrators from approaching the location of this flag.

Mario Papale, an Italian pro-Palestinian activist, told the Iran Press reporter in Rome: "We have demonstrated many times in the past few months to condemn the genocide in the Gaza Strip. Today, we decided to protest against the inaction of this organization against aid to Gaza by passing in front of the FAO headquarters, whose duty is to help feed the people of the world".

Mario Papale added: "FAO, like other power centers in the world, is actually helping the genocide of Gaza residents".

The Italian activist said: "FAO does nothing for the residents of Gaza and they are dying of hunger, and this issue is considered a shame for FAO officials."

This supporter of Palestine emphasized: "The Israeli flag should be lowered in the FAO".

"Free Palestine", "Resistance", "the US, Germany and Italy are complicit in Israel's crimes", "Israel is a terrorist regime" and "Stop the genocide in Gaza" were among the slogans of the demonstrators in Rome.

Last week, students and professors of universities all over Italy went on strike to boycott the call for scientific and academic cooperation between Italy and the Israeli regime.


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