Tehran (IP) - The Iranian Border Police forces have successfully prevented over 4,000 terrorist operations along the country's frontiers in the past year, according to a senior commander.

Iran Press/Iran News: During a press briefing on Tuesday, Brigadier General Ahmad Ali Goodarzi, the Border Police Commander, disclosed that his forces have intercepted more than 4,000 terrorist activities at the border since March 21, 2023.

Border Police units have effectively deterred numerous terrorist groups from approaching the country's borders, with a substantial quantity of weapons, suicide vests, and remote-controlled explosives discovered over the last 12 months.

Additionally, the commander highlighted that his forces have seized over 70 tons of illicit drugs along the border areas in the past year, often through armed confrontations with drug traffickers.

In the ongoing Iranian year, which concludes next week, the Border Police have apprehended 718 drug traffickers and neutralized 32 criminals.

The Border Police have also impounded a total of 31 million liters of contraband fuel in the last 12 months, marking a 3 percent rise from the previous year.

Responsible for maintaining security in urban areas, on highways, and at borders, the Iranian police force is tasked with various functions encompassing cyber policing, border security, traffic control, criminal investigations, anti-narcotics operations, and conscription affairs.


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