Iraq (IP) -The Islamic Resistance Movement of Iraq announced on Sunday that it carried out a drone operation on Haifa, targeting a chemical facility in the port city.

Iran Press/ West Asia:   "In response to the massacres carried out by the Israeli occupying regime in Gaza, we targeted the Haifa port chemical station in the occupied territories by a drone, on Friday evening," Iraq's Islamic Resistance Movement declared in a statement.

The Israeli media reported earlier about the activation of the regime's defense system in Haifa and the sound of an explosion heard after detecting a suspicious object in the sky over the port city.

Since the October 7 war on Gaza, it is the first time the alarms sounded in Haifa, the media announced.

Channel 14 of the Israeli TV declared the very suspicious object a drone.  

Meanwhile, Lebanon's Hezbollah stated that it targeted Israel’s military forces opposite the village of Wazzani in southern Lebanon, saying that it had achieved direct hits.

The Lebanese resistance forces said that the Israeli forces fired smoke shells to cover the transportation of the dead and wounded by helicopter from the site.

It also said that it targeted the Al-Samaqa site in Lebanon’s occupied Kfar Shuba hills with missile weapons and achieved direct hits.


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