The Saudi-backed coalition aircraft once again attacked residential areas and civilians in Yemen on the pretext of confronting the Yemeni army and popular committees, killing more than 58 innocent Yemeni civilians.

Iran Press/Middle East: A spokesman for the Yemeni Ministry of Health said more than 58 Yemeni citizens were martyred or injured in a residential area in Sana'a due to Saudi airstrikes.

Witnesses reported the killing of six civilians, including four children from a family members, in an air strike to a house in Yemen's capital Sana'a, Iran Press reported.

Relief workers are still dumping bodies of civilian martyrs from under the rubble in Sana'a while two others are still accounted for.

Saudi fighters also bombed Al-Anadin area in Sanaa twice.

The Saudi coalition fighters also targeted the building of the Military Affairs Office.

Saudi fighters also bombed two army bases several times in the Irhaf county.

In response to the attacks by aggressors, Yemeni National Assembly chief Mohamed Abdul Salam emphasized that the Yemeni army and popular forces will continue their attacks on the Saudi economic infrastructure.

He said drone strikes by the Yemeni army are a good deterrent to the aggression of the Saudi-Emirati coalition in Yemen.213/

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