Tehran(IP): The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran called the 56 percent increase in foreign investment in the country's free zones a sign of the defeat of {US} maximum pressure and economic terrorism.

Iran Press/Iran News: Hassan Rouhani, said on Thursday after the inauguration of 60 infrastructure projects in free and special economic zones: "Statistics show that Iran has been successful in transforming free zones from importers to exporters of products."

Emphasizing the importance of Iran's free trade and special economic zones, Rouhani said: "Exports of goods from these areas abroad amount to 138 billion dollars, and in contrast, Iran's imports in these areas have been a total of 47 billion dollars."

 Pointing out that free zones can help the country's economy in the face of sanctions, the Iranian president added: "Iran's free and special economic zones have had a total increase of 56% in domestic and foreign investment compared to last year, which shows the growth and improvement of the attractiveness of the areas and successful government performance in this area."

Rouhani stated that today in almost all countries of the region, free and special trade and economic zones are operating, adding: "Many free and special economic zones, both in the south and in the north of Iran, have the capacity and possibility of attracting tourists and prosperity of related economic activities."

On Thursday, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran inaugurated 60 economic and infrastructure projects in 6 free and special trade zones of the country via video conferencing.


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