IP- Paper Dream, Directed by Ali Atshani has won the best film award at the Hungarian Black Hat Film Festival.

Iran PressEurope: Black Hat Film Festival is a monthly festival dedicated to films from around the world.

Its mission is to reflect the international filmmaking community as well as showcase fresh talent from all filmmakers no matter the age or the subject matter.

The event is also open to all kinds of projects with no restriction as long as it is inventive and full of creativity.

It also showcases and supports works that show the true potential of the filmmaker, we wanted to create a space where creativities don't have to worry about all the criteria Hollywood has created, there are no limitations only your imagination.

Black Hat Film Festival is dedicated to bringing people together and allowing worldwide creators of any form of content to take part in the competition.

Every month, a panel of creative talents from around the globe - awards the best creative works.

Paper Dream has won many awards in various international festivals.


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