Mar 15, 2019 14:51 Asia/Tehran
  • Nowruz songs, Baloch melody

The music of Baluch peoples is rich with ancient cultural and historical origins.

Iran Press/Iran news: The Baloch or Baluch are Iranian peoples who live mainly in the southeastern of Iran in Sistan and Baluchistan Province.

Just like other Iranian ethnicities, the Baluch peoples have their own folk music with cultural and historical origins.

The life of the Baluch is a mixture of the ceremonies, rituals, ideas and the beliefs originating from the ancient tradition and most of the rituals are mixed with music, Iran Press reported. 

In the Baluchi folk music, the musical instruments used in Baluchi folk music are stringed percussion and wind musical instruments

The most important musical instruments in Sistan and Baluchistan Province are as follows: Banjo, Rubab, Dholak and Tambourine.105/203


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