Mar 14, 2019 11:33 Asia/Tehran
  • Kurdish women in spring
    Kurdish women in spring

The music of the Kurdistan region is one of the richest and most popular types of folk music and traditional music in Iran.


Iran Press/Iran news: The song 'Wahar' means the spring and is one of the most famous Kurdish songs at the beginning of spring, which the band 'Rastak' has performed.

Music among the people of Kurdistan is an inseparable principle, and the Kurds consider their music as part of their lives.

They use music in most of their rituals, such as mourning ceremonies, traditional mourning events, horseback riding, gatherings, etc.

Music has a solid and unbreakable root in the lives of the Kurdish people.

Kurdish music and songs reflect the history, culture, and beliefs of the Kurdish people.

In Kurdish music, a variety of musical instruments, including wind instruments and string instruments are used. 



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