Mar 10, 2019 19:20 Asia/Tehran

Isfahan (IP) -As spring comes, the people of Isfahan like other Iranians rush to the bazaar to get ready for the upcoming new year celebrations.

Iran Press/Iran news: Undoubtedly, all of you know the 'Naghsh-e-Jahan' square.
The Qeysarie bazaar is one of the architectural monuments that is located in 'Naghsh-e-Jahan' square.
This bazaar was one of the most luxurious shopping centers during the Safavid era, and it still has the same boom, reported Iran Press.
The people of Isfahan, like other parts of the country, go shopping in the final months of the year to welcome the Iranian new year's celebration, known as Nowruz.
The old-fashioned traditional Isfahan bazaar, which is busy in all seasons, these days is packed full of shoppers buying for the new year (Nowruz).
In the bazaar of Isfahan, in addition to the possibility of purchasing the items required for Nowruz, you can also purchase all kinds of souvenirs and handmade gifts, and enjoy the visit to this historic center of Isfahan. 103/211/203


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