Zeifollah Al-Shami, the information minister of Yemen’s National Salvation Government, said on Saturday that the country will soon launch its military operations in the Mediterranean Sea in support of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Al-Shami commented in an interview with Beirut-based Al Mayadeen TV, saying that Yemen aims to help bring an end to the Gaza war and the Israeli regime’s blockade of the Palestinian territory.

A spokesman for the Yemeni army said on Friday that the planned military operations in the Mediterranean are the fourth phase of attacks against what he called “the triangle of aggression” namely the US, the UK, and the Israeli regime.

Brigadier General Yahya Saree said that the Mediterranean operations will target all vessels that violate a ban on Israeli-linked shipping and head toward ports in Israeli-occupied territories via the sea.

Yemen has already been targeting Israeli-linked ships in the Red Sea, the Bab al-Mandab Strait, and the Indian Ocean since mid-November in response to the regime’s war on Gaza.

The Arab country has carried on its operations despite airstrikes by the US and the UK on Yemeni soil, which Washington and London launched in mid-January for what they called protecting international shipping. 

Yemen says the airstrikes are part of support by the US-UK alliance to the Israeli regime in its genocidal war against Palestinians in Gaza. 219

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