IP - The Bahraini resistance group, Al-Ashtar Brigades, has announced its second attack on Israeli positions in support of the Palestinian people in war-ravaged Gaza.

Iran Press/ West Asia: Al-Ashtar Brigades announced on Saturday, that it conducted a drone attack on a key position in Israel’s Eilat Port two days earlier.

Al-Ashtar Brigades stressed in its statement that it will continue attacks against the Israeli regime until it stops its war on Gaza and lifts its blockade of the Palestinian territory.

The Bahraini resistance group carried out its first anti-Israel attack on April 30, targeting Eilat Port with drones.

Other resistance groups in the region, including those in Yemen, Iraq, and Lebanon have also hit Israeli targets in the past months to force the regime to halt its genocidal war on Gaza.

All the groups have promised to go ahead with their operations until the war is stopped, which has already killed at least 34,654 Palestinians and wounded 77,908 others since early October.


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