Washington, D.C., and Alexandria and Arlington in Virginia are under a curfew until 6 a.m. Thursday.

Iran PressAmerica: Mayor Muriel Bowser announced D.C.'s curfew Wednesday afternoon after a mob rushed up the steps of the U.S. Capitol as Congress debated the presidential vote count. Rioters then breached the Capitol building, and a woman died after being shot by law enforcement at the Capitol, sources told NBC News. 

Also, in reacting to the violence in Washington D.C., Virginia Governor Ralph Northam ordered a curfew for the City of Alexandria and Arlington County in Washington's suburbs.

Trump supporters stormed into the Congress building and tried to enter the building as the counting of the electoral college was underway, all the doors of Congress were locked and even a CNN reporter could not get out of the building.

There are reports of guns drawn in the building and at least one person shot.

One woman has been shot and is in critical condition according to reports from US broadcaster CNN.

There has been an armed confrontation at the doors of the House of Representatives. Tear gas has also been used.

Members of Congress have been told to evacuate the building or remain where they are. One congresswoman tweeted that she was staying in her office.


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