Declaration of inter-Afghan delegations in Tehran

Tehran (IP) - Two Afghan delegations present at the Tehran meeting stressed that war is not the solution to the Afghan problem and that all efforts should reach a political solution.

Iran PressIran News: According to the announcement of the two inter-Afghan delegations to the Tehran meeting, the two inter-Afghan peace participants, who met in Tehran on Wednesday and Thursday, July 7 and 8, 2021, agreed on the following:

1. The delegations express their gratitude for the efforts and goodwill of the Islamic Republic of Iran in securing peace in Afghanistan and the hospitality provided.

2. The two sides, realizing the dangers of continuing the war, agreed that war was not the solution to the Afghan problem and that all efforts should reach a political and peaceful solution.

3. The talks took place in a cordial atmosphere, and all issues were discussed in detail and explicitly.

4. The two sides decided to discuss issues that need further consultation and clarity, such as establishing a mechanism for the transition from war to permanent peace, and agreed Islamic system, and how to achieve it during the next meeting, which will be held as soon as possible.

5. The parties consider the Tehran meeting a new opportunity and ground for strengthening the political solution to the Afghan problem.

6. Both sides strongly condemn the attacks that targeted people's homes, schools, mosques, and hospitals, as well as the destruction of public facilities, and demand that the perpetrators be punished.


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