On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin participated in an online BRICS summit regarding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Iran PressEurope: The situation in the Gaza Strip shows that the United States is trying to monopolize the mediation functions in the Palestinian-Israeli settlement, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during an extraordinary BRICS summit on the conflict.

"All these events are, in fact, a direct consequence of the United States' desire to monopolize the mediation functions in the Palestinian-Israeli settlement and its blocking of the activities of the Middle East Quartet of international mediators," Putin said, according to Sputnik.

Vladimir Putin commented on the mass displacement of the local population and the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip.

"The death of thousands of people [in the Gaza Strip], mass displacements of civilian population and the humanitarian catastrophe that has broken out cause great concern," Putin told the BRICS extraordinary summit on the situation in the Middle East.


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