Tehran (IP) - Saeed Namaki Iran's Health Minister has stated that the US has imposed cruel and aggressive sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Iran PressIran News: Responding to Iran Press question on the impact of US sanctions amid the COVID-19 outbreak, Saeed Namaki expressed that the US is telling a blatant lie for not sanctioning Iran's medicine, and the US is a compulsive liar.

"The US has never waivered sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Trump administration and his team are the most wild and aggressive administration in the US ever," he said.

"Despite sanctions, Iran faces no shortage of medicine," he underlined.

"Iran can produce 'Remdesivir' and 'Favipiravir' and these medicines are even in the exporting line," the minister highlighted.

Regarding the new health protocols by the onset of the third wave of the coronavirus outbreak, Iran's health minister noted that any ignorance to implement the hygienic protocols would end up in disaster, and those who do not implement the protocols would be fined and persecuted officially.

Referring to the infection rate increase, Namaki said: "There are no hospital-bed shortages, but it does not mean that we are allowed to ignore the protocols."  

Referring to vaccine production, Iran's Health Minister said that Iranians and the whole world would hear good news in the coming week.


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