News sources announced on Tuesday morning that Sa'ada in the north of Yemen was targeted by the US warplanes.​

Iran Press/ West Asia: The Sabreen News Telegram channel affiliated with the resistance forces reported that American warplanes targeted areas in the northern Yemeni province of Sa’ada.

Some unofficial sources also reported an explosion in the capital Sana'a that has not been confirmed by the Yemeni army.

America’s CBS news network quoted US officials saying that the new round of attacks on Yemen included sites that were prepared to attack the United States forces.

Yemen’s Al-Masirah news channel also confirmed the US and British airstrikes, saying the attacks included the provinces of Hodeidah, Sa’ada, Taez, Zhumar and Bayda.

A UN Security Council Resolution allowed for maintaining the security of the Red Sea after the Yemeni army launched its operations against Israeli or Israeli-bound ships in the strategic waterway.   

Yemenis have targeted over two dozen Israel-bound ships and vowed to keep their operations unless the regime stops its bloodshed in Gaza and ends its blockade on the Palestinian territory.

Meanwhile, a member of the political bureau of Yemen's Ansarallah Movement warned on Monday night that the US escalation and attacks on Yemen will never lead to a solution to the Red Sea crisis.

Mohammed Ali al-Houthi was quoted by the Al-Masirah website as saying that yhe escalation of the war will also not prevent Yemen from supporting the Palestinian cause.

He said the US and UK aggression against his country is in line with their continued support for the Zionist regime and warned that the US has endangered the security of the Red Sea.

“The American and British attacks on Yemen have nothing to do with supporting international waterways”, Al-Houthi stressed.

He also underlined that Yemen's position is completely clear emphasizing that there is no danger to international shipping, and all ships except those of Israeli or bound for Israeli ports are safe in the Red Sea.

The senior Ansarallah member warned that the US attacks on Yemen cause instability and a threat to international shipping.

“We had warned that America is moving in the direction of militarizing the Red Sea. The operation in Yemen is focused on Israeli ships and the Yemeni forces are moving to ensure the security of the international waterway”, he added.


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