The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) reported an incident on Saturday night in Yemen’s eastern waters.

Iran Press/ West Asia: In an announcement on the same day, the UKMTO said it had received reports of an incident 177 nautical miles southeast of the Port of Nashtoon in eastern Yemen.  

According to the UK maritime agency, the incident involved a small boat approaching a ship with four people on board.

The agency said there was no harm or damage and the ship carried on its journey, adding that an investigation was launched into the incident.

Over the past months, Yemeni armed forces have conducted attacks on Israel-linked ships in the Red and Arabian Seas in support of Palestinians in Gaza.

The Yemenis have said that they would continue their attacks until the regime stops its genocide in Gaza.

The Yemeni army has also hit British and American ships since Washington and London launched airstrikes on Yemeni soil in January this year in response to operations against the Israel-linked vessels.

Yemen says the US-UK airstrikes are aimed at providing support to the Israeli regime.


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