U.S. forces conducted a fifth strike against the Ansarullah movement's sites in Yemen as US President Joe Biden acknowledged that the American and British bombardment had yet to stop the resistance movement's attacks on Israeli-linked vessels in the Red Sea.

Iran Press/ West Asia: The latest strikes destroyed two Yemeni anti-ship missiles that “were aimed into the southern Red Sea and prepared to launch,” U.S. Central Command claimed in a statement posted to X. They were conducted by Navy F/A-18 fighter aircraft, the Pentagon said.

Biden said the U.S. would continue the strikes, even though so far they have not stopped the Yemenis from continuing their attacks.

Meanwhile, Yemen's Ansarullah resistance movement has promised a "safe passage" for international ships sailing in the Red Sea as the country’s armed forces ramp up their retaliatory attacks on Israeli-owned and -bound vessels in support of Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip.


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