Mashhad(IP)- In a meeting with a group of scholars and clerics of Khorasan Razavi province, the President presented a report on the government's actions and future plans and said that creating hope, strengthening social capital, and promoting public confidence in the governing system are among the government's main goals in policy-making.

Iran PressIran News:  In the meeting held during the provincial visit to Khorasan Razavi on Wednesday evening, Ebrahim Raisi emphasized, "Today, the trust of the people and the Supreme Leader of the Revolution in the government is a great support for us, and this trust is social capital."

The President added, "All the efforts of different parts of the country should be to confront the enemy's efforts to create despair and hope in society."

Referring to the responsibilities of the government in the second step of the Islamic Revolution, Raisi added, "Good steps have been taken in the first forty years of the revolution, but there are also shortcomings that must be compensated."

The President stated, "The Declaration of the Second Step of the Islamic Revolution is a comprehensive version of the current realities and vision of the country's future and should be the basis of transformational policies and plans for the country."

Raisi emphasized, "The government transformation document is also based on the Declaration of the Second Step of the Revolution."

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Referring to the efforts to remove obstacles to achieving the revolution's goals and the country, Raisi said, "There are animosities and obstacles in our way, and the Infiltration Current is trying, but none of them will stop the progress of the Iranian nation."

"We do not hope in the outsiders; we like to communicate with everyone, but we never wait for others to come and solve our problems," he said

The President continued, "We know from experience and learned from our predecessors not to trust outsiders in any way. They have not solved anybody's problems and they will not solve our problems either. We trust the resources and capacities of our own country".

Iran to move forward for full independence in supplying the basic goods

Regarding the situation in the country at the beginning of the 13th Administration, Raisi said, "I do not want to shout out loud in what situation we took office, but people know what a difficult situation we had."

Referring to the daily grief of more than 700 families due to coronavirus in the country due to the shortage of basic goods and the heavy budget deficit at the beginning of the 13th Administration, the President said, "Our main move is towards independence in supplying the basic goods and agricultural products needed by the country."

The President added, "The country was in a situation where some said in meetings that if anyone can sell 200,000 barrels of oil, we will make him Minister of Oil, but today the conditions for selling oil are not comparable to the past, there is a significant increase and oil money returns to the country".

Iran extendes economical relations with neighboring countries 

Referring to the state of Iran's trade in the region, Raisi said, "The volume of the country's non-oil foreign trade reached $100 billion last year, part of which was due to increased interaction and use of neighbors' capacity. Some thought that only 3-4 countries have this capacity, and the connection with the world can be summarised only in these few countries, but this is not the case. Neighbors have often gone unnoticed, based on the fact that after my visit to Tajikistan, our trade with the country quadrupled. Our share of the regional market is much higher than this".

The President continued, "Of course, negotiations are pursued powerfully while maintaining our dignity, and we have not left the negotiation table, and the main positions of the Islamic Republic of Iran are expressed with dignity today, but in no way have we tied people's lives and economy to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and negotiations."

"No matter what the results of the negotiations are, we have our plans in the management of the national economy and we will continue it with strength," he said.

Raisi stated, "At the time of handing over the budget to the parliament, we also said that this budget is independent of negotiations because we are supposed to stand on our own two feet and trust our own resources."


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