Tehran (IP) - Iran has issued a stern warning to the United States, following the Israeli regime's brazen attack on its consulate in Damascus, Syria. The attack, characterized by Tehran as an act of terrorism by Israel, has propelled the Iranian government to send a potent message across the globe, particularly to Washington D.C., a steadfast ally of Israel.

Iran PressIran news: The crux of this diplomatic communique was articulated by Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, who took to the X social media platform to announce the transmission of this "important message" to the American government. The essence of this message? A call for accountability, pointing the finger squarely at the United States for its association with and support of the Zionist regime.

The attack in question not only led to the destruction of a key diplomatic outpost but also resulted in the martyrdom of several Iranian military advisors. This has not only stoked the fires of outrage within Iran but has also prompted immediate diplomatic repercussions. The Swiss Embassy in Tehran, acting as the guardian of American interests, found its charge d'affaires summoned in the dead of night. The purpose was clear: to convey the depth of Iran's grievance and to underscore the culpability of the American administration in these acts of aggression.

In response, Iran has signaled its intent to not stand idly by. The Foreign Ministry's spokesperson, Nasser Kan'ani, echoed this sentiment, stressing Iran's right to take appropriate countermeasures. Tehran reserved the prerogative to decide the manner and timing of its response.


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