The Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister said that The United States and Turkey continue to support terrorist groups and separatist militias while committing crimes against the Syrian people and plunder the country's wealth.

Iran Press/America: Speaking at UN Security Council meeting, protested to the recent visit of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to the occupied Golan Heights.

He emphasized that the US Secretary of State's visit to the settlements in the occupied Syrian Golan Heights will not change the legal, political and geographical realities of the region as an occupied territory and an integral part of Syrian territory.

Al-Jaafari added that the Damascus government will use all legal means to restore Syrian sovereignty over Golan Heights. 

The Syrian Foreign Ministry last Thursday condemned Pompeo's visit to occupied settlements in the Syrian Golan Heights.

Last Thursday, Pompeo visited occupied settlements in the West Bank in an unprecedented move that violates all international laws and conventions, and from there to the occupied Golan Heights in Syria.

Resistance groups and Palestinian citizens have condemned the US Secretary of State's visit to the occupied settlements.

Pompeo's visit to the Golan Heights was so illegal that it also made the Arab League to reaction, and the organization's secretary-general, Ahmed Abu al-Gheit, strongly condemned Pompeo's move, calling it against international law. 219