Sunni scholars condemn normalizing relations between UAE, Israel

Tehran (IP) - Iranian Sunni scholars in a statement called the scholars and thinkers of the Islamic world to condemn the shameful agreement between the UAE government and the occupying regime of Israel.

Iran PressIran news: The full text of the statement is as follows:

Respected scholars and thinkers of the Islamic world! Assalam Alaikum, 

The news of the UAE government's shameful agreement with the usurping Zionist Regime with the aim of establishing official and diplomatic relations has broken the hearts of all Muslims in the world and changed the name of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to the United Jewish Emirates in the minds of those who seek freedom.

Even though the successive betrayals of some rulers of the Islamic world and these shameful agreements, and the American, Jewish and Arab conspiracies, have caused a severe blow to Muslims, dignity, and humanity. However, the issue of defending oppressed Palestine and the holy Quds is still the common principle of the Islamic Ummah, and with these disparate movements, there will not be the slightest doubt or disruption in the will of the Islamic Ummah.

For more than eighty years, the occupying Zionist Regime has denied the oppressed nation of Palestine of its basic rights through usurpation, looting, and repression, and has taken the first Qiblah of Muslims as captive. During all these years, the global arrogant powers and Zionism have not spared a moment of conspiracy and evil acts to de-identify the holy land of al-Quds and the land of the great Prophets of God, Palestine. In the meantime, the betrayal of some leaders of Islamic countries has ignited the fire of this great sedition and has intensified the oppression done unto Palestine and its honorable people.

Shame on the traitors who befriend the most stubborn enemies of Islam and the Prophet of Islam, and have agreed to the humiliation of surrender and selling themselves out.

While condemning the initiation of the official relations of the United Arab Emirates with the occupying regime of Israel, and expressing our sympathy with the oppressed people of Palestine, we, the Sunni scholars of Iran, call on the scholars of the Islamic world to fulfill their religious and humane obligation by denouncing this shameful agreement. We must strive to bring unity and prevent religious division and segregation in the Islamic world, and by means of exposing the policies of the criminal United States and the child-killing regime of Israel, bring awareness to the Islamic Ummah in order to stand up for the shared needs of our dear Palestine. Supporting the macro-policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran in not recognizing the illegitimate Israeli regime and inviting the heroic people of Palestine to perseverance, patience and tireless struggle in the fight against the occupying regime in al-Quds, we remind the rulers of some Islamic countries of the urgent need to play a constructive role in defending the oppressed and thereby avoid a historical disgrace. It is expected that the entire Islamic Ummah, along with the committed and knowledgeable scholars, will stand up in support of Palestine and the rights of its oppressed people, and by taking a firm decision, will not allow the scandalous betrayals of some reactionary governments, to waste the blood of martyrs and the eighty years of suffering taken up by the Mujahidin. 

We hope that soon we are able to form the new Islamic civilization through gathering around the axis of the Noble Quran and our common ideals including the ideal of liberating the holy Quds and raise the flag of monotheism across the world. 

A group of religious scholars, members of the planning council of Sunni religious schools, the Imams of Friday prayers, principals and teachers of religious schools, and members of the Sunni clerics' councils of Iran.    104/207

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