IP - Stopping war in Gaza is the only way to stop the war on the Northern front, Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said in his speech in Beirut on Wednesday.

Iran Press/West Asia: International parties have become aware that the ceasefire in northern Israel is linked to stopping the aggression in the Gaza Strip, added Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah Hezbollah Secretary General who spoke at the memorial ceremony of the martyred commander " Mohammad Nimer Nasser.

"Our operations engaged the enemy in the north, and practically 1,000 Israeli officers and soldiers were forced to remain there," said the secretary general of Hezbollah.

From the beginning, our objective for this front has been to exhaust the Enemy physically, materially, and morally, highlighted Nasrallah, and said that Hezbollah's border war aimed at draining Zionist enemy capabilities to stop Gaza's genocidal war.

The resistance fighters are eager and compete to join the front lines in the Battle of Al-Aqsa, Nasrallah said, adding: " The goal of continuing putting pressure on the enemy on all these fronts, as well as socially and economically, is to put an end to this war. The enemy has failed to accomplish any of the goals they announced for the past 10 months. Failure is the prevailing theme."

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