Rear Admiral Sayyari

Deputy Coordinator of the Iranian Army warned foreign forces that Iran doesn’t allow others to come close to its marine borders.

Iran press/Iran news: "We are not among those states who invade other countries and we are present in international waters based on international laws," Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said Wednesday on the sideline of Eid al-Fitr prayers in Tehran.

"We don’t allow anybody to come close to our marine borders,” he emphasised according to Mehr News Agency. 

The senior Iranian army commander's remark came as US aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln has not entered the Persian Gulf to avoid any confrontation with Iranian forces.

Rear Admiral Sayyari said: "We are not one of those countries that can be easily deceived by Americans, 40 years have passed since the Islamic Revolution and we know them very well and have tested them … We don’t need any negotiations with the US.”

The Deputy Coordinator of the Iranian Army said that US naval presence in the Persian Gulf is propaganda and part of enemies' physiological warfare, noting that US forces are present in international waters based on international laws, just as Iranian forces are.


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