Rouhani: Iranians’ resistance in economic warfare rewarded

Tehran (IP) - Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani says the Iranian nation’s resistance has been fruitful in more than two and a half years of unprecedented economic war with the sworn enemies.

Iran PressIran news: Referring to the economic war of the enemies against the people, Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that despite the conspiracies of enemies, the Iranian government with the support and cooperation of the people, did not allow the sinister aims behind sanctions to be achieved, and the grounds for improving the economic conditions of the Iranian people have been provided.

Speaking at a meeting of the government’s Economic Coordination Board, the president elaborated on the new COVID-19 related restrictions which are due to be implemented across the country.

Rouhani clarified that the Iranian government has managed to plan for the target groups and vulnerable groups whose jobs would be affected as a result of the closure, and supportive measures have been taken in this regard.

Government plans to impose severe restrictions will be implemented across the country as of next Saturday to minimize gatherings and traffic in a bid to halt a surge in the number of coronavirus infections and related deaths.

The announcement of fresh restrictions come nearly two weeks after new restrictions on public transportation and traffic were imposed in 25 provincial capitals.


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