Vienna (IP) – Russia's permanent representative in the international organizations in Vienna said that the restoration of the JCPOA may have a positive effect on the situation in the Persian Gulf.

Iran PressEuropeMikhail Ulyanov added in his Twitter account on Saturday morning that the restoration of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) would open the way to direct talks between regional states on regional security issues with due account of the existing initiatives, including the Russian concept of collective security in the area.

Negotiations for the revival of the JCPOA began in Vienna a month ago and are still ongoing.

Five rounds of talks have been held so far, and it is claimed that significant progress has been made.

Russia presented its concept of collective security in the Persian Gulf to the Security Council two years ago, which includes negotiations and cooperation between the Persian Gulf states and some international actors, including permanent Security Council members.

The Islamic Republic of Iran emphasizes the interaction of Persian Gulf states to ensure the security of this important international waterway and invites regional countries to negotiate and cooperate to resolve tensions.


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