Islamabad (IP) - The ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Pakistan said that this year's Quds Day march is critical considering the massacre and genocide of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Iran Press/Asia: In an exclusive interview with the Iran Press reporter in Islamabad, Reza Amiri-Moghadam stated the importance of this year's World Quds Day, this year's Quds Day ceremony and march should be held more widely than in previous years, and the Muslim world should have a significant presence in the Quds Day.

Iran's ambassador to Pakistan emphasized that Quds Day is a day to keep alive the flag of resistance of the Palestinian nation, which today is more than ever oppressed, killed, and occupied by the Zionists.

Amiri-Moghadam stated that today the world is facing the worst genocide of Palestinians in the past 75 years in the Gaza Strip. Therefore this year's World Quds Day is an important day for all Muslims and all freedom seekers to honor this day.

More than four decades ago, the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan was named "International Quds Day" by Imam Khomeini (May his soul rest in peace)--the late leader and founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Now Palestine and holy Quds have turned into the symbol of unity in the Muslim world and represent the cause of the world's right-seeking oppressed and freedom seekers from any race and religion.


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