Tehran (IP) - Attending the Parliament open session on Tuesday, the Iranian president said that realism is one of the points focused on in the budget bill of 1403 (starting on March 20, 2024) and the budget bill is based on the 7th development plan.

Iran PressIran news: According to Iran press, the president and a group of cabinet members came to the Parliament floor this morning to present the next year's budget bill.

In the introduction of his speech, Ebrahim Raisi stated that it is a success that we are together with the lawmakers to present the 1403 budget to the parliament officially, and added that the government tried to achieve economic growth and production growth and curb inflation by implementing the law and the people thwarted the enemy's conspiracy and sedition.

The President said: "Realism is one of the focus points in the 1403 budget bill, and the budget bill is based on the 7th development plan."

Ebrahim Raisi referred to the martyrdom of more than 6 thousand children in Palestine and said: "What is happening in Gaza from child killing, genocide and crimes against humanity is a cause of regret for humanity. There are those who claim to be supporter of human rights, i.e. America and Westerners. International organizations and institutions claim to defend the rights of the oppressed, but they have lost their effectiveness in front of the domineering system and the US."

"We believe that the nations have stood up today and are crying out for human rights and the administration of justice and a new order in the world," he said, adding: "God formed the nation of Moses in the killing of children by Pharaoh, and we believe that the martyrdom of Palestinian women and children will end the false government of the Zionist regime, and we will witness the Palestinian victory and the destruction of the fake regime."

Honoring the memory of Hassan Modarres, a former member of the National Consultative Assembly of Iran, the President said: What we know from the pure life of Martyr Modarres is belief in God, belief in people, and the implementation of justice and speaking and expressing the truth.

The president after the closed session of the members of the government delegation with the parliamentarian added: Semi-closed factories should be activated so that employment can improve and production can be updated.

Raisi added: The role model of the parliament and the government is interaction and convergence, but it does not prevent a representative from raising his criticisms, because constructive criticism is necessary.


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