Tehran(IP)- Iran's President said that the Friday Prayers leaders, as the refuge of the people and personalities who are central to the city and province enlighten and create hope in their sermons and speeches to enlighten public opinion.

Iran PressIran news:  Ebrahim Raisi on Monday, January 15, at the national gathering of the Leader's representatives and Friday prayers leaders across the country, expressing his gratitude to the policy-making council of Friday imams and the representatives of the Leader while appreciating their efforts, stated: "The status of Friday prayers is very effective and has many functions in the field of worship, spirituality, resistance and endurance, as well as in explaining political and social issues, and Friday prayers is a place of worship, politics and resistance, and the name for it is rightly chosen."

He said that Friday Prayers Leader has been placed in the position of strength building for the country, the country's system and institutions, and reminded: "Also in mobilizing and defending the country and playing a role for the holy defense in the period of construction and in different periods in the country, they have played a role, and today, they are really playing a role in the position of adjustment and education."

The 26th national gathering of Friday prayers Leaders started on Sunday January14, 2024 with the presence of the representatives of the Supreme Leader and Friday prayers Leader in the sacred shrine of the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran."


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