Palestine (IP) - The Palestinian resistance group Saraya al-Quds said that they took control of an Israeli regime's drone Skylark drone amid the sky in Rafah.

Iran Press/ West Asia:  The Israeli regime kicked off attacks on Rafah a few hours after Hams announced its agreement with the Qatari-Egyptian draft ceasefire; the Israeli regime claimed that the ceasefire didn’t fulfill the regime's expectations. 

Saraya al-Quds brigades also announced on Friday that they exploded the Israeli regime's military equipment in al-Zaytoun. 

Still, the resistance brigades reported that a congregation of Israeli troops was targeted in the Moonlight region in Al-Zaytoun. 

Exploding a Merkava tank and a military vehicle were other developments reported by the resistance group. 

Also, Qassam brigades were reported hitting a house near al-Dawa Mosque in Rafah where the Israeli regime's troops gathered. 

Qassam brigades confirmed that they trapped a group of Zionist terrorists in an explosive ambush in the east of Rafah who were either killed or wounded.

The Israeli attacks on Rafah caused the patients and staff to evacuate the hospitals of the city.Since Israel began advancing troops towards the east of Rafah and intensifying attacks on the city on Monday, some 110,000

Palestinians have fled, according to the UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA).

About 1.5 million people have been crammed into tent cities and makeshift shelters and are suffering from shortages of food, water, medicine, and other essentials.


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