Islamabad (IP) - The citizens of Islamabad demonstrated in support of the oppressed people of Palestine and demanded a boycott of all kinds of Israeli products.

A large number of teachers, students, businessmen and children also participated in the demonstration. On this occasion, the participants waved Palestinian flags and shouted slogans against Israel.

Talking to Iran Press, a female participant said " we demand an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and it shouldn't be demanded by people but a   spontaneous response from United Nations, International Court and all the world governments".

The protestors demanded that the whole world to take some drastic action now, otherwise everyone will be responsible for the bloodshed of the Palestinians.  While talking to Iran Press, another participant said, " Government can officially ban and boycott the products which financially support Israel and that's not a big deal for the government, they have the mandate to do".

The participants of the demonstration said that if the Israeli aggression had been responded to at the international level at the beginning, thousands of innocent Palestinians would not have been martyred today.

A young man told Iran Press, "In all over the world protest are being held against Israel and in support of Palestine and the genocide in Gaza not started two and half months ago, it's being done since years, now boycott is started but it should be prolonged".

The participants also demanded that all Muslim countries immediately boycott Israeli products.

A young participant told Iran Press about all Israeli products and said that boycotting all these products is morally due. He added, "The following products directly benefits Israel financially, we request public to understand this conflict and to boycott these products". 204

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