Tehran (IP) – Explaining the 24th OPEC Plus Ministerial Meeting, the Iranian oil minister stated that the member countries are ready to take responsibility for the fast and reliable supply of oil whenever the market and consumers need it.

Iran PressIran News: After the end of the 24th OPEC and non-OPEC Ministerial Meeting on Tuesday, Javad Owji stated that today decided to continue last month's decision to continue producing 400,000 barrels of oil per day for February 2022.

According to the technical committee's report and the assessments made, he pointed out that all experts agreed on increasing production to 400,000 barrels from the perspective of the world economy and the decisive variables in the global oil supply and demand in 2022 OPEC countries.

He noted that OPEC Plus reiterated its regular monitoring of market developments and took all necessary measures to maintain stability in the oil market, and all countries would continue their collective efforts to safeguard the achievements of the agreement.

According to published statistics and reports, Iran's oil minister highlighted that the global oil market is moving in a good direction for balance and stability.

He added that the OPEC Plus countries are also satisfied with the current situation and the collective efforts of all producers are focused on maintaining and stabilizing the current stability of the oil market.


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