North Korean leader has ordered heightened readiness for war after inspecting troops at a major military operations base in the country’s west.

Iran PressAsia: Tensions on the Korean Peninsula have increased in recent months with North Korea testing its weapons and the US, South Korea, and Japan strengthening their combined military exercises in response. 

North Korea slammed the ongoing South Korean-US military drills as a plot against the country's sovereignty, as it threatened Tuesday to take military measures in response.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un inspected field training of troops at a major military operations base in the western region of the country on Wednesday (March 6) and ordered heightened readiness for war, state KCNA news agency reported on Thursday.

The tour of the base, the location of which was not identified, comes after the start of annual combined military drills by US and South Korean forces on Monday in the South with twice the number of troops taking part compared to last year.

The North Korean leader said the military must dynamically usher in a new heyday of intensifying the war preparations in line with the requirements of the prevailing situation. 219

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